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The International Expert Will Assist Georgia in Creating The Vineyards Cadastre

Portuguese expert Ana Luzi was involved in implementing the national cadastre program of the vineyards. With the support of the German Agency of International Cooperation (GIZ), Anna Luzi will work as a consultant in the National Wine Agency in 2018-2019.

The National Wine Agency has started implementing the vineyard cadastre program in 2014. This process should provide international experience and should be harmonized with the current EU legislation.

Cadastre’s accredited specialist Anna Luzi had short visits to the National Wine Agency in recent years to share international experience and practical advice. These advisory missions in the field of productive and technical improvement helped the National Wine Agency significantly in the implementation of the vineyards cadastre.

Within the framework of the cadastral program, the concept of construction and functioning of Georgian vineyards cadastre has been elaborated since 2014. The cadastral documents were developed, electronic database was selected, where cadastral information will be collected; In Racha-Lechkhumi region 886.9 ha, 5533,4 ha in Kvareli municipality, 5477,9 ha in Telavi municipality and 1818,2 ha vineyard in Akhmeta municipality were registered.

There was no similar system in Georgia before. The cadastre system works effectively in all EU countries where viticulture and winemaking is developed. The existence of cadastral base is necessary for the regulation of vineyards, decision making in viticulture and winemaking, to properly verify the vintage process, to conduct wine production and its movement and for general regulation of viticulture and winemaking.