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Importers From The US Are Getting Familiar With Georgian Wine

A group of US wine importers have visited Georgia, headed by the founder of the National Wine Agency contractor marketing company “Marc Energie Consulting”, Julie Peterson.

According to Julie Peterson, the goal of the visit is to increase the import of Georgian wine in the United States.
At the beginning of the visit,  “speed tasting” was held in Tbilisi, where 34 representatives of the wine companies were given the opportunity to present their products, inerview and receive consultations. During  the event, American importers tasted about 100 Georgian wines.

Georgian wine made special impressions on the guests.

“The history of the wine country id fascinating the quality we’re tasting is tremendous, the variety, the styles the passion behind what the people are doing here, i think this is really important thing for us to help the breach to gap and get the wines into the US market” – stated the Eric Read, the member of the group.  

Another American importer, Eric Joffmann, calls Georgian wine “great”.

“The idea to come over here and learn from the winemakers, to see where the wine is coming from is tremendous. You can read about it, but until you see the country of Georgia you can not understand the quality, the passion and pride, that’s behind the wine” – stated Eric Joffmann.

During  the tour, wine professionals will visit Kakheti, Imereti and Kartli, where the  guests will learn Georgian wine-making technology and will taste Georgian wines in the following companies: “Iago Wine”, “Chateau Mukhrani”, GWS, “Simon Chkheidze Cellar”, “Vartsikhe Cellar / Chotiashvili “,” Winery Khareba “,” Vine Ponto “, KTW,” Lagvinari “,” Pheasant’s Tears “,” Kakhuri “and” Giuaani “.