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Import Procedures for Georgian Wines in Japan to be simplified

By the decision of the Japanese government, 4 Georgian laboratories have been added to the list of foreign laboratories registered in Japan, which will significantly simplify the procedures for Georgian wine export  in Japan.

Prior to this decision, the Japanese customs used to check and certify  Georgian wine, which was related to additional costs and procedural difficulties facing Georgian wine importer companies. Eventually, it  reflected on the cost of Georgian wine.

The National Wine Agency applied to the Embassy of Georgia in Japan to solve the problem. The Embassy requested a list of laboratories from Georgia, which would be appropriate to register with the Japanese side. Afterwards, the Diplomatic Service of Japan held a consultation with the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, in order to officially register the laboratory provided by the Georgian side in all relevant Japanese organizations and structures.

After the negotiations and specification of technical details, the Japanese  side added the following laboratories from the labs supplied by the Embassy of Georgia to the list of “Official Foreign Laboratories”: “Wine Laboratory” Ltd,  “Norma” LTD ,  “MultiTest” LTD  and  “Expertise +”LTD.

Japan is one of the strategic export markets of Georgian wine, where over 130 thousand bottles of wine have been  exported  according to the data of  6 months of the current year, which is 200% higher than the same period last year.