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Iago’s Biowines Chardakhi Exports to New Zealand

Chardakhi, biowines by Iago Bitarishvili will be exported to New Zealand. The first consignment of biowines will be exported in November 2018.

Iago Bitarishvili launched wine production in his ancestral wine cellar in the village of Chardakhi in 2003. Currently, the winemaker exports bio wines to 11 markets, including to Italy, England, the USA, Japan and so on. He owns 2-hectare vineyards and applies only bio methods, without chemicals. 

“ Our concept is based on production of natural wines. Therefore, our production is limited and we produce only 5-6 thousand bottles a year of Chinebuli variety from my vineyard. I launched production with 600 bottles and increased output ten times. We have small-scale production and our objective is not to seek new markets, but we met the new partner in Australia, later he visited Georgia and achieved this agreement” Iago Bitarishvili said.