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Iago Bitarishvili Launched Production of Aneta Beer

Iago Bitarishvili, bio wine producer, has launched production of family beer and bottled beer named as Aneta. This is an exclusive product and only 400 bottles will be produced a year, Iago Bitarishvili told BM.GE. The product was named after his grandmother Aneta.

Aneta beer will be sold at the tourist facility near Iago wine cellar and will be exported in small volumes.

‘This is a test bottling for guests mainly, who will arrive for the coming beer festival and visit my wine cellar. This will bottle the new product in small volumes. My grandmother had always brewed beer and I have named this product after her. I use the same technology as my grandmother.

The product will be made of Georgian raw materials, according to traditional technology… Production requires heavy work and therefore, we cannot bottle beer in huge volumes. Winemaking will remain our key direction.

We may offer our beer for exports to our partners, who sell our wines in 11 countries”, Iago Bitarishvili said.