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GWS Showcases Famous Premium Wines of TAMADA Line

Georgian Wines and Spirits Company (GWS) showcased premium wines of TAMADA line, TAMADA Grand Reserve and TAMADA Qvevri in the Georgian National Museum. The event was attended by the representatives of GWS Company, more than 30 chefs, sommeliers and partner organizations of the company.

The Brand Manager of GWS Salome Dolidze presented premium wines to the guests.

The premium brand TAMADA of GWS is closely related to art. GWS has been the partner of the Georgian National Museum since 2014. TAMADA is a historical brand and comprises a diversified portfolio of dry and semi-sweet wines. “It stands out with a clearly expressed character which is one of the most important characteristics of the Georgian ‘Supra’,” Dolidze said.

The Executive Director of GWS, Phillipe Lespi, also addressed the audience and focused on the excellent reputation of TAMADA on the international market, noting that a famous work of Niko Pirsomani is displayed on the TAMADA bottle label. “Our brand values Pirosmani and his works, as clearly seen on the TAMADA bottle label, where his outstanding painting “Feast of Five Princes” is displayed. The fact that TAMADA was exclusively presented on the opening ceremony of the exhibition of the prominent Georgian painter Niko Pirosmani at the Vienna Albertina Museum, dedicated to the 100th year of the artist’s demise, was a great responsibility and honor for us. The gala dinner was attended by almost 250 guests,” stated Lespi. The French viticulturist noted with a special pride that it was exactly that day he became familiar with Georgia, as the producer of the premium quality wine.

At the end of the event, the guests of GWS tasted the premium line wines with special courses and discussed the importance of Georgian wines and dishes.

TAMADA was founded 2001, and since then has gained multiple golden medals within the frames of international wine festivals. TAMADA Brand portfolio includes 7 types of wines from Appellation of Controlled Origin (Tsinandali; Tvishi; Mukuzani; Napareuli; Kindzmarauli; Khvanchkara; Akhasheni). It unites the unique characteristics of Georgian ‘Supra’.

GWS is one of the oldest and best-known wine factories in Georgia, established in 1993 in Telavi and created on the “Telavi 2” base, the oldest wine factory founded in 1976. Today, GWS owns 350 hectares of vineyards, the majority of them 15-25 years old. 280 of them are red grapes and the remaining 120 belong to white varieties. 70% of production is devoted to Georgian traditional grape varieties, and 30% to international varieties. The company produces wine, sparkling wine and high alcoholic products, such as Tamada, Old Tbilisi, Admanti, Vismino and Elibo. Soon, customers will be able to enjoy wine produced using biotechnology methods from the company’s vineyards.