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Gia Piradashvili’s Wines Go to Norway and Latvia

Wines of businessman Gia Piradashvili have penetrated new exports markets – Norway, Latvia and Kazakhstan under the brand name of Viniveria and Chateau Mere.

“The Georgian wine market keeps growing. The Georgian wine has established its own niche. This was proved by the time and the outlined tendencies. Georgian wines are represented in almost all countries. Our company does not make focus on mass production, because we give priority to the production of premium class wines for western European market and HORECA network. We have reaped real benefits as a result of our tireless job over the past 5 years on the mentioned markets. Our exports have significantly expanded. We contact wine expert and buyer on the interesting market, invite them to Georgia, introduce our wines, explain the philosophy of our company, the type of wine we make, how we make them, why we have limited output and so on. 

The National Wine Agency also provides an active job, as well as Georgian Wine Association and other organizations; efforts of all these organizations have brought real results and the Authorities jointly with winemaking companies have increased Georgian wines’ perception in Europe and worldwide”, Gia Piradashvili noted. 

Viniveria and Chateau Mere are being exported to such European countries as Italy, France, Spain, Netherlands and Belgium for many years. The wine makes focus on premium and medium segments. The price of a bottle ranges from 15 to 35 EUR.

“We produce about 7-8 wine varieties; Chateau Mere makes focus on higher price segment and we plan to produce 30-40 thousand bottles a year, while Viniveria brand will produce 200 000 bottles a year”, Gia Piradashvili noted.