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Georgian Wines Tasting in Krakow

Georgian wines tasting was held at the Najedzeni Fest culinary festival in Krakow, Poland. The Georgian corner introduced all wine varieties that are exported to Poland. At this stage, more than 40 companies export Georgian wines to Poland.

Presentation of Georgia wines at the festival was organized by Malinova company, contractor of National Wine Agency of Georgia.
Marketing activities in Poland will be continued in 2019 too, Irakli Cholobargia, head of the marketing and PR department of National Wine Agency noted.
„Georgia launched marketing activities on the strategic exports market of Poland in 2012. With the support of National Wine Agency, various promo campaigns are held in Poland through the year. As a result, in 2012 Georgia exported 1 million bottles, while in at the end of 2017 the country had exported 2.7 million bottles”, Irakli Cholobargia noted.

Poland is recorded among Georgia’s top five wine exports markets. The growing tendency was maintained in 2018 too. According to January-September indicators, Georgia exported 2.5 million bottles, up 3% year on year.