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Georgian Wine Tasting held in South Korea and Singapore

The National Wine Agency contractor company “Meiburg Wine Media” organized Georgian wine tasting in Singapore and South Korea.

During “Asian Tour 2018”, presentation of Georgian wine was lead by the head of the “Meiburg Wine Media”, master of wine Debra Meiburg, who introduced Georgian wine culture and history and contemporary wine industry simultaneously with  Georgian wine tasting.

In the South Korea, Georgian wine was presented at one of the prestigious restaurants of Seul – “Kwonsooksoo”. The guests had the opportunity to taste production of 10 Georgian winemaker companies together with local cousin. The event was attended by wine importers,  representatives of  wine bars and restaurants. According to them, there were introduced wines of top quality at the tasting, which were harmonically matching Korean cousin.

Georgian wine was also presented with the local cousin  in Singapore. The guests tasted wine and “Chacha” of 10 Georgian companies. The event was attended by wine importers, representatives of media, restaurants and hotel chains. Meeting with the local sales managers were also held in Singapore.

By the end of the year, during the Asian Tour, Georgian wine tasting will be held in the following cites of China: Shanghai, Macao, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong-Kong.

South-East Asian countries are strategic market for Georgian wine. During the 7 months of the current year, export to South Korea reached 40980 bottles (growth 1305%), as for Singapore – 40800bottles (7600%).