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Georgian Wine Tasting Held in Amsterdam

Georgian wine tasting was held in the Capital of Netherlands. Local sommeliers, journalists and wine writers attended the event.

As Head of Marketing and Public Relations Department of National Wine Agency Irakli Cholobargia stated, based on international tendencies and statistics of wine consumption, the Dutch market is quite promising for Georgian wine exports.

“Western European sommeliers are generally interested in our wines. They want to study our country, wine, and cuisine to competently advise Georgian wine to their customers. As a result of the tasting in Amsterdam, it was decided that in September of this year the Dutch sommelier group will arrive in Georgia, which members of The were selected by the Dutch Sommelier’s Guild. We are pleased with the cooperation,”said Irakli Cholobargia.

According to him, the National Wine Agency signed a contract in 2017 with Wine Import Company “Saperavi Wine Agency”, which imports Georgian wine in the Netherlands and holds various events for increasing Georgian wine awareness.

Following companies represented their wine at tasting session:

  • Gotsa’s Wines
  • Telavi Wine Cellar
  • Shuchmann-Wines Georgia
  • Bagrationi 1882
  • Koncho and Company
  • Tbilvino

Sommeliers reviewed various wines matching with dishes. The winner of the best match is- Wild dick dish and Kvevri Saperavi Satrapezo 2014 (Telavi Wine Cellar).