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Georgian Wine Producer Companies Participated in ProWein

Annual international fair of  wine and alcoholic beverages – ProWein 2018 was held in Dusseldorf, Germany, where 26 Georgian wine-maker companies participated.

Georgian wines were introduced at the fair with the support of the National Wine Agency and  association “Georgian Wine”.

The opening of the fair was attended by the head of the National Wine Agency, Giorgi Samanishvili.

“ProWein Dusseldorf” is the most important exhibition in the wine industry. Georgia has been steadily participating in the fair for over 10 years and the interest towards Georgian wine is increasing year by year. Many Georgian wine apprisers  and customers came to the Georgian stand this year too. The presentation of Georgian wines at Düsseldorf exhibition is a prerequisite for Georgian wine to be sold better in new markets, ” stated Giorgi Samanishvili.
Large-scale and prestigious fair  – ProWein is the main event of the year for winemakers. This year 64 countries presented their production in the exhibition and was visited by 60 thousand wine sellers  and promoters, which is an opportunity to find new contacts and importers for companies.

Georgia has participated in the fair since 2000 and Georgian stand is becoming more representative and varied year after year.  At first, only 5 Georgian companies participated in the fair. In accordance with the large scales and importance of ProWein fair, interest of Georgian companies has  increased and this year, 26 companies represented Georgia on the fair.

According to  Georgian wine companies, this year’s exhibition was distinguished with especially large crowd of people and productive business meetings.

The following Georgian wine-maker companies participated in the fair: «Giuaani», «Megobrebis Marani» (Wine Cellar of Friends), LTD «Kindzmarauli», «Telavi Wine Cellar», «KTW», «Guramishvili’s Marani», «Vaziani Company», «Tbilvino», «Marnis Kari», «Bolero», «Shilda», «Chigogidze Wines», «Badagoni», «Mildiani», «Teliani Valley», «Kakhuri», «Vite Vera/Besini», «Schuchmann», «Georgian Wine House», «Khareba», «Shumi», «Corporation Georgian Wine», GWS, «Chateau Mukhrani», «Dugladze Wines and Spirits», «Corporation Kindzmarauli».