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Georgian Qvevri Wines at RAW Fair in London

Georgian wines are represented alongside some of the most exciting collections of natural and organic wines at RAW artisan wine fair in London, United Kingdom, on March 12-13.

The RAW WINE festival annually celebrates some of the best natural wine producers in the world, with this year’s event featuring more than 150 growers.

The Georgian wineries that were presented in the UK festival were:

  •  Naotari
  •  Papari Valley
  •  Tibaani
  •  Gotsa Wines
  •  Natenadze’s Wine Cellar

The wines of small Georgian growers, unable to attend the fair in person, were shown on a communal table thanks to National Wine Agency of Georgia. In addition to the Georgian growers who were attending in person, visitors were able to taste a collection of other wines from a collection of growers grouped together on “Multi-Grower Selection” table.

Georgian wines and especially qvevri wines have been gaining more and more popularity in the UK and the world.

Georgia has participated in the annual RAW WINE exhibition since 2012.

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