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Georgian Online Wine Catalogue Launches

New innovative product of association “Georgian wine”- www.geowinery.com is an online catalogue of Georgian Wines and alcoholic beverages produced in Georgia, which will be launched in June 2017.

The primary purpose of the catalogue is to provide customers with detailed information on wine descriptions, grape varieties, producing companies and other novelties. Benefits of the online catalogue is to have worldwide access to the information about Georgian wine companies and its innovations.

Currently we have over 200 wines and alcoholic beverages in the catalogue, but our goal is to build and manufacture all the products produced in Georgia to maximize the awareness of Georgia and its products, promote Georgian wine exports, development of wine tourism and increase awareness of small, medium and large cellars.

Through this platform, we are planning to provide a detailed information about Georgian wines and alcoholic beverages, grape varieties and regions, as well as to promote wine tourism development.

This project was implemented with the help of the EU and active involvement of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce.