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First Vintage Restored on Meskhi Terraces after 400 Years

The company “Vardzia Terraces” took the first harvest of rare species of vines rebuilt. The vintage participated in the rides of classic cars – “Peaks of Caucasus” pilots, local residents and journalists.

Meskheti together with other parts of Georgia is regarded as one of the Georgian winemaking regions. Centuries ago, viticulture was developed at a high level, with the exception of centuries-old grape varieties at stone era. At the end of the 16th century, the last vintage was carried our on the Meskhetian terraces, and the ancient varieties of Meskhetian vine were almost destroyed due to the historical difficulties.

In 2015, with the joint efforts of the businessmen Mamuka Khazaradze, Badri Japaridze and Meskhetian grape collector Giorgi Natenadze, the terraces of the 12th century Queen Tamar resurrected in the village of Khizabavra.

As a result of great efforts, 12 hectares of historical terraces have been restored, where 24 rare varieties of Meskhetian vine were planted. Another 11 hectares will be planted. Company Executive Director Giorgi Mshvidobadze.

Levan Ujmjuridze and Giorgi Natenadze have contributed more than 20 Meskhs in Saguramo Scientific Research Center. The new varieties of “Vardzia Terrace” started with such unique varieties as “Tamar Vazi”, “Jvari”, “Meskhi Green”, “Meskhuri Oval White”, “Black Oval”, “Meskhi Horse White”, ” Meskhetian Chitiskarskheta “,” Horseshoes of Black Horse “,” Clarke “,” Akhaltsikhe Tetri “,” Black Aspiring Cap “etc.

Next year, the company plans to restore Meskheti’s traditional architecture and an integral part of Georgian winemaking – a parent farm. The visitors who come here will enjoy unique Meskheti wines and dishes. The project aims at promoting wine and cultural tourism in Samtskhe-Javakheti region.