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Festival Small Wine Cellars on the Big Arena Held in Tbilisi

Andro Aslanishvili, deputy chair  of the National Wine Agency, opened the Wine Festival “Small Marbles in the Great Areas” in Mtatsminda Park, Tbilisi. The event was organized with the support of the National Wine Agency within the framework of Georgian wine days “Gvinobistve -2018” and is organized by Georgian Wine Club.

According to Andro Aslanishvili, one of the main directions of the National Wine Agency’s activity is to support the development of medium-size and small family Cellars.

 ‘After successful vintage, Georgian wine days were celebrated with Gvinobistve-2018, which was included different events, which is another message that Georgia is the cradle of wine. It is great that small and medium wine cellars  in Georgia are developing.

For this point, officially there are  800 wine producers in Georgia, including family cellars, which are  the wealth of our country. Smaller cellars are developing not only in Kakheti but throughout Georgia, which is visible on this festival, “Andro Aslanishvili said.

With the support of the National Wine Agency and organized by the Georgian Wine Club, the Festival “New Small cellars on the Big Arena” was held for the first time in  2016 and has caused great interest, as the increased number of cellars and guest participants indicated this year. 40 cellars participated in the festival.

“Georgian Wine Day” was first celebrated in 2014. In 2016, it was decided that the “Georgian Wine Day” will be a week, and in 2018 the Georgian wine days are more widespread: with the organization of the National Wine Agency, from October 5 to 21, “Gvinobistve 2018″ will be  celebrated with different events.