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Brand History – Telavi Wine Cellar

Telavi Wine Cellar winemaking company was founded near the city of Telavi in 1915. The history has tightly interconnected with innovations at the Wine Cellar for more than one century.

Devoted to Kakhetian winemaking traditions, we also follow modern tendencies and create wines through adaption of our historical experience with the most modern methods. Our wines satisfy the taste of the most refined consumers  all over the world. Telavi Wine Cellar wines combine individual character of Georgian winemaking and viticulture, diversity and our aspiration – to comprehensively outline special correlation of diversity of domestic grapes varieties, climate conditions and soils.

White and red grapes  are equally portioned in vineyards, which cover 22 500 hectares, on 250-650 meters above the sea level. There are 7 main zones. Tsinandali, Vazisubani, Akhasheni and Mukuzani zones have been arranged on the right bank of the river Alazani, while Napareuli, Kvareli and Kindzmarauli microzones are located in the picturesque foothills of the Caucasus. There are locations of origin that became famous worldwide thanks to elegant white and full and complex red wines.

Company Foundation Idea – The company has one-century history of wine production. Zurab Ramazashvili, head of the supervisory board, purchased the company jointly with partners in 1997. In that period the company was on the brink of bankruptcy, in very heavy financial condition.

New owners had to take huge efforts to make the company successful. We had to perform huge job, first of all, plant vines, supply technical equipment to the company, ensure marketing, boost sales and so on. This process successfully continues for 20 years.

About Brand’s Success – Stable quality is a key achievement of the company. The company had never conducted large-scale advertising campaign. The brand achieved success because of stable quality, Ramazashvili noted. “Consumers have advertised our products and made our wines brand products», Ramazashvili said.

Main challenges in Brand’s Establishment Process – Initially, the company started production of one variety of wine (white wine). Later, assortment broadened and today the company produces more than 70 wines. As to challenges, they exist that we could overcome them, Ramazashvili noted.

Our Logo and Brand History – Telavi Wine Cellar Company has restored its historical name. In Soviet period this winery was called as Kurdghelauri Winery. We have regained historical name and selected the word of MARANI as a brand name. It is related to a boy with two Kvevri on shoulders. This is a very beautiful Georgian bas-relief in clay. It was modified for easier perception. This is our joint symbol. This name and this logo have been registered in almost all countries of the world.