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Berliner Wein Trophy Invited Georgian Wine Experts as Judges

This year, the organizers of “Berliner Wein Trophy” invited Chairman of the National Wine Agency Giorgi Samanishvili, Head of the Tasting Commission Ana Godabrelidze and Head of Marketing and PR Department Irakli Cholobargia as the judges of the competition.

This is the 22nd time the prestigious international competition “Berliner Wein Trophy ” is held, with the organization of “Deutsche Wine Marketing” and under the patronage of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) and the International Union of Oenologists (UIOE).

Participation of Georgian wine experts as the professional judges of the competition will further enhance the awareness of Georgian wine in the society of professional winemaking of the world.

“Berliner Wein Trophy” is the most important and largest international wine competition of Germany and famous wine-makers participate in this competition from all over the world. Annually, the contest represents about 5 thousand wines. The winner wines are awarded with “Premium Gold”, “Gold” and “Silver” medals.

Victory in the “Berliner Wein Trophy” indicates, that wine corresponds to the high levels of standards, which serves and promotes the development of world wine culture and quality guaranty.