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Badagoni Opens Logistics Center in Germany

Badagoni strong drinks production company has opened logistics center in Germany to distribute products to 12 European countries.

The company director Giorgi Salakaia told BM.ge that the logistics center launched operation at the beginning of 2017 and it has alleviated operating components in Europe.

The company’s workload was employed by 100% in 2017 and the company became one of the leaders in terms of exports. Badagoni entered Chinese market too. In whole, Badagoni will supply 5 million bottles to the clients and 25% of the contract agreements have been already fulfilled, Giorgi Salakaia said.

Besides market diversification, in 2018 the company plans to expand the space of vineyards. Currently, the company owns vineyards on 400 hectare land, while in 2018 Badagoni will add 70 hectares.

The company director positively appraises the year of 2017. Government has provided efficient support to the field in both vintage and marketing campaigns.

As to challenges, Giorgi Salakaia said that certification of micro zones remains a key problem, however, business hopes this direction will be improved in the near future.