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Nutsa Abramishvili

Annual Sales of Schuchmann Wines Account for 1.5 million, of which 15% are Sold in Georgia

Nutsa Abramishvili, Schuchmann Wines director general:

The year of 2017 was interesting. Many important events took place in the sector, where Schuchmann Wines Georgia operates. Wine, winemaking, agribusiness is our key direction. As to other projects, they include gastronomic and tourism directions: travel operator known as Schuchmann Travel. Gastronomic direction is our modern precedent on Georgian gastronomic market such as Molekula – advanced cuisine. It may be tasted at our Qarvasla bar.

Georgia has made important achievements on foreign markets. Namely, Georgia was introduced at Wine Civilization Museum in Bordeaux. For several months Georgian wine, agriculture, history and culture were  represented at the Museum. Consumers got to know Georgia. Our country has obtained a respective place on the world wine map. The year of 2017 was successful for Georgia in terms of marketing and growing perception. Wine sales have also grown.

We should make emphasis on our success – we have replaced the Russian marker by China. There were permanent problems with Russian market because of various risks (political and currency devaluation). In general, it is not expedient to be dependent on former Soviet countries space. We have already diversified exports markets and we export products to 35 countries.

Our annual sales account for 1.5 million GEL, of which 15% are sold in Georgia. Our sales are growing. Annual growth pace is at least 10%.

It is important that Schuchmann Wines will mark its 10th anniversary in 2018. Our winemakers are working on creating and bottling a special jubilee wine dedicated to this date.

As one of the important events in 2017, we obtained ISO:22 000 quality certificate. Our chateaux is a place for important meetings. 90% of our guests are foreign citizens. When they hear the German appellation, they have higher degree of confidence and therefore, we introduce new services and tastes on a constant basis. We do business that brings happiness and that is based on tastes and feelings.