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Andro Aslanishvili: Vintage Entered The Active Phase In Kakheti

According to the data of September 07, up to 17 thousand tons of grapes have been processed in Kakheti , including about 10 thousand tons of Saperavi, 4 thousand tons of Rkatsiteli, 800 tons of Kakhuri Mtsvane, and the rest different grapes. Vineyards’ income reached 27 million GEL.

“Vintage in carried out smoothly in  Kakheti. Grape processing daily indicator reached  4 thousand tons, which means that the vintage entered the active phase. The grape picking process started in almost all municipalities of Kakheti except Sagarejo where traditionally the vintage starts later”said  Chief of vintage coordination HQ,  Deputy Head of National Wine Agency, Andro Aslanishvili.

Vintage 2018 coordination headquarter was opened on August 20. At this point, 135 companies are registered in the HQ, which will be involved in grape processing.   60 wine companies have already processed grapes.

Any  additional information related to the vintage will be provided by the hotline  of the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia – 1501 and the official website of the National Wine Agency: http://georgianwine.gov.ge