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An Year in Wine Review with Alexander Kaffka

2017 year in wine has been significantly successful this year. Alexander Kaffka, founder of Hvino Publications – specialized information resources on Georgian wine, reviews achievements of the mentioned field with CBW.

Wine exports significantly  increased, which factor do you think caused this fact?

I think we saw a lucky combination of positive accomplishments in various fields – from political (especially in relations with China) to scientific (publication of archaeological proof of Georgia being the birthplace of winemaking). These factors stimulated marketing efforts, which started to bear fruit in substantial growth of sales.

What event do you consider the most important?

For us “Saperavi World Prize”, which Hvino News has established in 2017, was the most important achievement. It’s the first Georgian wine contest for foreign winemakers, where they can present wines made from Georgia’s legendary Saperavi variety – even in such faraway countries as New Zealand. The tasting of first Saperavi World Prize (“SapPrize”) took place this month, and winners will be announced in January. Our contest prizes are very original and valuable: handmade miniature copies of ancient Georgian wine cup “azarpesha”  in gold and silver.

We thank CBW for being media partner of SapPrize!

What are you predictions for next year in wine?

I think we will see stricter quality control, launch of new labels and brands, more marketing activities, and more innovations. We will see more creativity both from small boutique wineries and from some big players.

For us as news publishers, this will mean more good news and interesting articles for our readers in 160 countries, who are fans of Georgian wine and culture around the globe.

And of course our Saperavi World Prize will now be held every year.

We wish a very happy and prosperous New Year to your readers!