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An Article About Georgian Wine Will Be Published In Famous Magazine Food and Wine

A comprehensive article on Georgian wine culture and traditions will be published in one of America’s most popular magazine “Food and Wine” in the October 2018 issue. For this purpose, the executive editor of “Food and Wine” magazine Ray Isle and the photographers of the magazine were visiting Georgia for a week.

During the tour organized by the National Wine Agency, the creative team of “Food and Wine” magazine visited small and large wine cellars  in Kartli and Kakheti and got acquainted with Georgian wine culture, traditions and Georgian cuisine.

According to Ray Isle Qvevri winemaking tradition was especially interesting for him.

The article i’m doing which is for “Food and Wine” magazine  is both about Georgian Wine and about  Georgian food and how they are together, that you cannot take apart from one another. I’ve been  written about wine for a long time and it’s been a lot of interest in Georgian Wine in the past 4-5 years in the US, particularly in the sommelier restaurant community. I’ve tasted them, but I’ve never been to the wineries, I’ve never been to the country, I’ve never met the winemakers before, I’ve never been in the vineyards and that’s always very important. I hope that people will become aware of Georgian wine and Georgian cousin and realize how wonderful it is” – stated he.

This was the first visit for Ray Isle to Georgia and as he says, he is leaving to the USA  really impressed.

“This is my first time in Georgia and I’ve discovered a lot. I think the biggest discovery is the people, the culture here is so worm and inviting, open to visitors coming in and learning about Georgia, this is the reason for  pride of Georgia. One thing I’ve learnt is how fun it is to be here. You see that in the toast, in tradition of caring about guests and inviting them, that does not exist the same way in the US and it’s great to be part of it” – stated he.

Publishing the article about Georgian wine in “Food and Wine” magazine  is very important for increasing popularization and awareness of Georgian wine worldwide, as the print edition of the magazine is up to 925 thousand months and the followers in the social media  exceeds  2,3 million.