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lika bochorishvili

15-year-old Winemaker From Shulaveri Speaks Six Languages

Lika Bochorishvili lives in Shulaveri village, in Marneuli District. She goes to tenth grade at Shota Rustaveli School. Lika is one of the school’s most successful pupils and one of the youngest winemakers and winegrowers in the region.

The Bochorishvili family manages a vineyard of Rkatsiteli, Tavkveri, Cabernet, Saperavi and Rose Rkatsiteli grapes in the village of Shulaveri, on ancient Orbeliani vineyard land, which was chopped down in the 1980s and 1990s.

“My key objective is to contribute to the revival of the ancient culture of winegrowing in the Kvemo-Kartli Region. After school, I always try to take an active part in farming activities with my family in Shulaveri, and I use the knowledge I learn in school to assist my parents with more practical and useful recommendations,” Lika Bochorishvili said.

Bochorishvili recently took part in the first business Forum of Entrepreneur Women in Adjara. Together with her mother, she produces ancient Georgian wines on her farmland. The young winemaker hopes her wines will be exported to foreign markets, too.

The teenage winemaker speaks six languages. In the multicultural environment of her school she has learned English, Turkish, Azerbaijani, Russian and German. After finishing high school, Bochorishvili plans to continue her studies in Germany in a department of winegrowing and viticulture to help expand her family business.