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Visit Tskhaltubo – Belarus Tour Operators and Journalists Share about Resort

Balneo centers, unique thermal waters, Imeretian yards, the cold lake – this is a small list of the sights which Belarus guests have seen in Tskhaltubo.

Medical properties of Balneo centers and  of thermal waters were tested by the guests – tour operators and journalists. They tasted the unique wine Usakhelouri and got acquainted with the tradition of making Georgian wines in the wine cellar “Khomli Usakhelauri”. Within the tour, there was a boat competition on Civi lake.

The crew of popular TV project “Uliotnaya razvedka” recorded one of the programs in Tskhaltubo. The crew visited Niko Lortkipanidze’s house-museum in Chunesh village and got acquainted with Georgian traditions and culture.

Tskhaltubo Tourism Center hosted tour operators and journalists from Belarus. According to the head of the Center Salome Kutateladze, with the initiative of Georgian Tourism Administration, Belarus media representatives and tour operators are visiting Georgia from May 26 to June 3. “One of the hosts is Tskhaltubo, the guests visited touristic places, the tour included cultural and various activities”, –  said Salome Kutateladze.

One of the representatives of the Belarusian group Evgenya Baskova says, that the TV project “Uliotnaya razvedka” aims to introduce Georgia to Belarus people.

“We want to show the most interesting countries, the most interesting places… The first country where we arrived is Georgia, which is one of the important directions on our market. Belarusians love Georgia very much, but basically they know Adjara, we want to show them that Georgia is not just a sea.”

Photojournalist Sergei Miliukhin says that he has been in 70 countries, but among them there is are few ones, where he is happy to go back.

“Georgia is in the list of these rare countries, where I am happy to return. Georgia is so hospitable that it feels like the God has given us love for this country, I wish for you well-being and peace.

One of the greatest people for me Nodar Dumbadze wrote that the soul of a man is much heavier than the body and therefore it is crucial issue for people to stand together.

I am in Tskhaltubo for the first time, special people live on this land with special kindness, beauty… I’m going to write everything about this in my stories. I heard Mravaljamieri in live for the first time and even tried to sing with them – this is happiness for me!”, – says Sergei Miliukhin.

The guests listened to “Mravaljamieri” by “Naduri” and “Suliko” by quartet “Theatroni”, also for them specially danced ensemble “Sioni” “Mtskhemsuri” dance.

Guests received detailed information about the life of their fellow citizen, Belarusian poet Janka Kupala, she lived in Tskhaltubo for years.

The travel of the group from Belarus around the different regions of Georgia is organized by the National Tourism Administration of Georgia.