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Turkey is the Most Popular Destination For Georgian Travelers

According to the survey conducted in Tbilisi in June, 2018, every third resident of Tbilisi (33%) has travelled abroad at least once.

27% of Tbilisi residents travelled abroad for personal reasons and 11% for business trips. The most popular destinations are Turkey (47%), Russia (36%), Germany (34%), Azerbaijan (23%), and France (21%). It is quite interesting that travelling in Turkey is especially popular among young people up to 24 years, elder residents (55+) of Tbilisi prefer to travel to Russia, while middle-aged citizens (25-34) choose Germany.

Based on the study conducted by ACT in 2016, we can conclude that interest towards EU countries has drastically increased among travelers which should be the result of visa-free regime

The majority of Tbilisi residents save money for travelling during entire year, the majority of those who cannot travel declare that they cannot afford it.

Interesting differences have been identified between men and women. As confirmed by the study results, women mostly travel with family members while men mostly travel with friends. In addition, men spend slightly more money when being abroad than women.

*The survey was conducted in Tbilisi among 400 adult residents using random selection technique, on  June 2-3, 2018. The statistical margin of error ranges from 3.0% to 6.5%. Utilized research method – FTF interview.