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Tourists Turnover in Bakuriani Grows by 30%

According to the Bakuriani tourism information center, the inflow of tourists to Bakuriani rose by 30% year on year. The winter season opened on December 28 and about 50 000 tourists have already visited the resort.

“In previous years tourists used to mainly arrive from Azerbaijan and Armenia, while this year tourists are coming from almost all European countries and Post-Soviet space”, the Bakuriani tourism information center representatives noted. 

In this season both foreign and domestic visitors have expressed discontent with the existing infrastructure, he added.

“Foreign visitors are accustomed that skiing tracks open on 8 o’clock in the morning, whilst we do not have information till 11 o’clock when the ropeway will work. This factor causes discontent. At the same time, Didveli worked only 4 days since December 28. Only Kokhta works in ordinary regime and this causes jams and the holidaymakers are discontent”, the tourism information center representatives noted.

the number of accommodation places also increased at the resort this year. Last year the resort could accommodate 25 000 visitors, but this year the figure has increased to 30 000.

As to service tariffs, prices have not increased compared to previous years. A night at guesthouses with three meals costs 50 USD, without meals – only 30 GEL.

As to apartments for several persons, prices start from 120 GEL.