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Tourism Center of Tskaltubo takes care of resort development

Tourism Center of Tskaltubo plans to organize a number of events this year to increase Tskaltubo’s awareness and attract tourists.

The Center is planning to organize info-tours for Georgian and foreign tour operators; The conference about the awareness of water healing and its active use in medical treatment will be held by The Young Neurosurgeons Association.

In order to develop different kinds of tourism, Tourism Center of Tskaltubo  actively cooperates with different clubs, including the hiking and rafting ones. As the Center explains, info-tours will be held for the members of Club this year.

In Tskhaltubo, as in a spa city, on 22 March, under the auspices of European Historic Thermal Towns Association, the day of water was celebrated. The Center organized an introductory meeting with the pupils, they were introduced to the importance of this day and European Historic Thermal Towns Association.

In order to increase the awareness of the resort, the Center participates in international and internal tourism exhibitions.

Tourism Center of Tskaltubo operates since July 17, 2017. The Center aims to establish and implement policies for the development of tourism in Tskaltubo, sustainable development of tourism, internal tourism coordination.

In 2017 the resort became a member of European Historic Thermal Towns Association. The center believes that membership of Association will increase the awareness of Tskaltubo and promote tourism development.

For those, who work in the field of tourism, trainings about the different topics are actively organised. At this time, 50 employees are retrained. The Center has printed various types of advertising brochures. A number of info-tours have been organized for Association member guides.