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Top 10 Most Beautiful Lakes in Georgia

Koruldi Lakes

These three little lakes are located in Svaneti on the hill at the top of Svaneti central settlement. It is possible to reach this destination only with a car like Gip or similar. The water in the lake is really cold; therefore it is not the best idea to swim in it. The main attraction of the lake is a stunning panoramic view.koruldi

Bottomless Lake, Katitsvera, Glola, Racha

It is possible to visit this lake only in summer and it takes 2 days of trekking. The lake reflects Caucasian mountains like a mirror and it offers an amazing view of colorful fields, full of flowers to the visitors.


Tabatskuri Lake

It is located in the south of Georgia, samtskhe-Javakheti region. There is a village on the lake peninsula.  The blue lake with amber-colored fields and silence is only interrupted by the sounds of the waves. The water is cold, but local children take bathe in the lake with an enjoyment.


Silver Lake, Tobavarchkhili

The lake is situated at the top of the high mountains in Samegrelo. The way to the lake is very far, but even the most tired travelers forget about their exhaustion when they see this mystical and magic lake.


Black Rocks Lake

It is located in the East of Georgia, Lagodekhi preserved area. 48 kilometers long horse route starts at the administration building. It is one of the most interesting paths in Georgia which is unique with the landscapes of Alazani Valley and Caucasian mountains. The journey starts with 400 meters from sea level, but as you continue the path, the height increases and at the same time, the nature changes in a magical way. When you reach 3500 meters from sea level, it is possible to meet unique creatures if you move very silently.


Abudelauri Colorful Lakes

These lakes are khevsureti diamonds. There have different colours: green, white and blue. The lakes are hidden in the rocks and surrounded by alpine fields. It is 7 kilometers walking from the village where public transport goes.



It is located in the south of Georgia, Javakheti. It is the biggest lake in Georgia. You can see mystical Samsari Mountains in the background.


Paliastomi, Samegrelo

It was fresh Lake until 1933. Later it was turned into open laguna. You can take a boat tour here and enjoy the most beautiful views. There is a supervisory tower from where they observe birds, especially unique kind of birds which only shelter in Paliastomi Lake.


Bateti, Dzaama gorge, Kareli region

This lake is the most beautiful when it is hidden in an autumn forest. It takes two hours by car from Tbilisi to get there and then you have to walk one hour. It is one of the most popular camping and trekking destination because it is easy to reach. The lake is located on 1312 meters from sea level.


Oreti Lake, Tusheti

It is located in Tusheti preserved area. It is possible to reach this destination only on feet or by horse. You can see the whole Tusheti panoramic view from there. It is the best place to make a tent and enjoy sunrise and sunset.