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Toba Development to Include Construction of Roads and Cable Cars

The discussion about Samegrelo-Upper Svaneti Region Development concept has already started. The plan of the development includes five parts of Toba. Touristic route starts from Mukhuri and it is planned to organize cable cars and construct ways in the direction of Toba.

In the development of mountain region which was presented by famous photographer, Roman Tolordava, ethnographic tourism development is also included. There are concrete destinations such as Natifuru, Lanjeri, Okhoje and Gvamarda selected for this purpose. It is also possible to develop hunting and fishing tourism too.

The governor of Samegrelo-Upper Svaneti Region, Levan Shonia declared that the development of Toba aims to make this place available for everyone.

“This will be a new opportunity for our region.The amount of local and international tourists to the direction of Toba will increase. Our beautiful region is not available for tourists because the infrastructure is not developed. At this stage, tourists will have to walk 8 km to reach Toba and they need to walk 12 km to reach another one. We will do everything to implement this project because it is very important for the development of our region”.