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Thomas Cook Representatives Interested in Adjara

Representatives of Thomas Cook, the world’s biggest tourism company, are visiting Adjara Region by invitation of Adjara Tourism Department. They plan to collect information on the region’s tourism, business and investment potential.

Managers of the company’s tourism and airline directions have already met with the Adjara tourism department management, Batumi Mayor and the Minister of Finance and Economy of Adjara. At the meetings the parties discussed opportunities for making investments in the Region and appointment of new flights. The guests also saw Batumi sightseeing and tourism infrastructure. 

Thomas Cook launched operation 177 years ago and serves about 19 million tourists a year. It is leading company in tourism business and carries out flights and investments in 60 tourism directions worldwide. 

“It is of crucial importance to draw the interest of similar large-scale and major organizations in Adjara’s tourism potential. Thomas Cook is the world’s leading company with multiyear experience in tourism business and our objective is to make our country one of the target directions for this company. We have already launched working meeting, which will be continued with specific offers Paris international tourism exhibition. 

Popularization of Adjara Region as a four-season tourism destination is impossible without involvement of similar companies and we hope that our negotiations will bring positive results, Sulkhan Ghlonti, head of Adjara Tourism Department, noted.