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Statistics: Distribution of International Visits by Main Purpose

National Statistics Office of Georgia (Geostat) published new report on inbound tourism statistics in Georgia. According to the report, 498 000 visitors entered Georgia with the purpose of shopping. This indicator constitutes to 6.9% of overall number of visits by international non-resident travellers. Geostat reports that the visitors have spent 7.9 billion Lari in Georgia.

Distribution of the visits by the main purpose:

1. Holiday, Leisure, Recreation – 3,075.8 visits, 42.7% of overall visits;
2. Transit to other country – 1,463.1 visits, 20.3% of overall visits;
3. Visiting friends/relatives – 1,189.6 visits, 16.5% of overall visits;
4. Business or Professional – 623.8 visits, 8.7% of overall visits;
5. Shopping – 498.4 visits, 6.9% of overall visits;
6. Health and Medical Care – 196.2 visits, 2.7% of overall visits;
7. Other – 156.3 visits, 2.2% of overall visits.

According to Geostat, in 2018 the average number of nights spent during the visits amounted to 4.2 nights, which is less by 2% compared to the figure indicated in 2017 (4.3 nights). 72.9 percent of visits was repeating visit.

5.8 million visitors entered Georgia in 2018, which is 12.4% higher compared to the same indicator of previous year. Majority of those visitors fell under 31-50 age group category.