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Tourists in Tbilisi
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Role of the Tourism for Developing Social and Economic Conditions

For any country, one of the most important goals is to increase economy which means to produce more and more high-quality products and services. To say in other words it means higher level of living. Naturally, economic increase is achieved by effective use of the existing resources.

Georgia is a very profitable place for tourism development because of it’s various natural-climatic conditions. The main principle of the tourism policy is to provide the country get as much profit from tourism economic and social revenues as possible. The final aim of the tourism policy is to improve the state progress and raise the living level of  citizens.

In Georgia tourism development will bring us strong economy, increase the middle class and public prosperity. It is very important to plan and develop effective policy for the stable tourism industry in future. The politicians, officials and concerned parties who plan this process will have to determine the developing tendency of tourism and take new measures which will cause sequential advance and create quality production. All of these will be useful for both tourism and local population. Unfortunately, in past the government was not as interested in tourism development as – in the development of industry or other services.

In Georgia tourism development is one of the most important parts of the economy raise. Tourism sector as the part of economy can bring us high revenues. Today it is one of the quickly-developing and high-yielding industries in the world which is going on development with quick steps. In the country the tourism popularization helps to develop such services as: hotels and restaurants, transport and communication. Finally, all of these provide with new workplaces. Above mentioned process is especially important for regions where the employment level is very low. The tourism influences on region economy development essentially, helps foreign currency income in the country, improves infrastructure and so on.

In the world market tourism can be mentioned as invisible export which contributes the country to develop successfully. Tourism as the consumers service takes an especial role as in the world economy development as in our country development process. Hotel business is one of the most important parts of tourism. Under globalization conditions hotel industry is selected with high quality level. The number and demands of hotel costumers are increased annually and accordingly   higher the service culture and quality much more attractive and successful the hotel is. Lately in Georgia after political and economical challenges there was formed business and cultural relationship between our country and the world friendship. This process became a  serious reason for increasing the number of visitors in our country. After this, it became necessary to provide them with high level hotels. That’s why it caused to increase investments in hotel business. There were made hotel building projects in different cities. Such famous and transnational hotel companies as: Hilton, Marriot, Radisson, etc. were interested in Georgia tourism market and of course it is really very important for our country.

The most number of economists think that tourism is more successful when the country is less depended on import and has its own production. That’s why it gives extra motivation to stimulate and produce Georgian products, improve its quality and develop industries. In Georgia there were created the state programs “Produce in Georgia” and “Host in Georgia”.  Their aim is to help our industry, agriculture, hotel and restaurant business develop successfully. Finally, it will cause to increase the number of visitors and economy level in our country.

Tourism influence on economy may be very huge because it can create workplaces, decrease unemployment, develop industry, local trading. It demands effective communication and helps through cultural exchanges.

According to the international organizations statistics a tourist spends about 1000$ in a week (except transport expenses for arriving at the country). It means that currency resources creation is depended on tourism development. One new workplace in the tourism sector means at least two workplaces in the related sectors (transport, trade, etc.). The tourism helps to develop a social-economic level in regions that is very problematic in Georgia.

In many developing and less developed countries the tourism is the main source of revenue. It can be mentioned that region population can get much more benefit from tourism revenues. They have abilities to be self-employed, sell their local products and services. That’s why there were increased the number of employed and hired people in regions. Modern tourism is one of the important reserves of employment and at the same time it is considered as an important factor to overcome the poverty. The main goal of the state social-economy policy is tourism’s purposeful and complex development.

Tourism is one of the quickly-increasing sectors of Georgia’s economy. In 2016 (besides from our neighbor countries) the visitors arrived here from Ukraine, Iran, Israel, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia and Belarus.

Georgia has a great potential for developing the tourism. By complex activation of it there can be increased revenues especially currency resources, develop infrastructure and other sectors. After all these our economy can be strengthened which is so necessary to make new workplaces and raise the living level in Georgia.

Aslan Jashi CARTU BANK Servisce Center Director

Iakob Gogebashvili Telavi state university Doctoral student