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Quarterly Reports on Tourism Sector Performance as New Instrument for Sector Development

‘We have started using a new instrument – keeping quarterly reports on tourism indicators.

This format enables to discuss how to determine and correct plans jointly with the key actors of the industry and receive recommendations from the private sector operating in the tourism field”, Giorgi Kobulia noted after a presentation at Sheraton Metekhi hotel, where the National Tourism Administration of Ministry of Economy introduced the 1Q19 indicators.

“This is an important instrument, which demonstrates how well the tourism statistics office works in the country – we have collected detailed figures about who arrives in the country, why they arrive, how many day they stay in the country and so on. We should use this statistics efficiently”, the Minister noted.

Tourist inflows considerably grow from EU countries, Giorgi Kobulia noted.

“Key component of our strategy is to attract high-income tourists, including from EU countries. This growth is of crucial importance for us. We believe that we have more potential to further grow these indicators”, the Minister noted.

To this end, the Ministry of Economy has developed a specific strategy, including, in terms of development of direct flights, AD campaigns, participation in international exhibitions, education system, development of infrastructural projects and so on.

The structure of visits to Georgia is being improved and the ratio of higher-income segment is growing.
EU visitors spend much more money (2 342 GEL on average) compared to visitors form other countries (782 GEL on average). The budget of guests arriving by airplanes (2 308 GEL on average) exceeds the budget of the visitors arriving by other transports (660 GEL on average). Tourist visits include an overnight stay (1512 GEL on average) and this factor created preconditions that visitors will spend more money compared to one-day visitors (296 GEL on average).

As to number of international visitors, the figure constituted 1 617
548 persons, up 2.2% year on year. Record indicators were registered in March 2019.

Tourist inflows have considerably increased from EU countries by 29.7% with a 4.4% ratio in total inflows of international visitors. The inflows extremely rose from Latvia (+84.5%), Slovakia (+81.8%), Poland (+79.1%), Czech Republic (+66.8%), Lithuania (+43.3%), Germany (+30.8%).

Revenues from international tourism constituted 3.2 billion USD, up 518 million USD year on year. Tourism sector VAT also increased in 2018 and made up 2.7 billion GEL (21.5%).