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New Gudauri – Successful Resort in Georgia

You are in the mountain resort just about 120 kilometres from Tbilisi. Every season of the year has its own attractiveness in here – coolness in summer, constant snow and skiing in winter, snowy and greenish environment in spring and autumn – mixture of green, yellow and white colors. This is a four-season resort Gudauri.

The resort is 2190 metres above the sea level and it’s not the same as it was 10 years ago. The resort is actively visited by tourists and Bloomberg names Gudauri among the 5 best skiing places.

Gudauri is receiving lots of attention from the government and the private sector.  Since 2012, this privately owned real estate development company Red-co is actively investing in the resort infrastructure, developing ski in/ski out residential, and hotel accomodation, leisure and other tourist facilities and services, which makes Gudauri mixed use, multifunctional all-season resort.

Red-co owns 50 hectares in New Gudauri area, which according to 10-year development plan elaborated by the international ski resort planning company (Ecosign) will create 4200 additional beds at the resort.

Since 2012, five apart-hotels have been already build and are being managed by Red-co. The company sells the apartments in those apart-hotels, which are then successfully rented to tourists, especially when the number of visitors in Gudauri increases from year to year.

In Gudauri, tourists can either rent private apartments from individual owners, or book hotel apartments from New Gudauri Resort Residences & Spa  managed by Red-co Management Group.

“Development of multifunctional, well-designed infrastructure and good operation practices make Gudauri an attractive resort and creating appropriate environment already has begun. New Gudauri is becoming a place where tourists can enjoy comfortable accomodation, after-ski wellness and spa, variety of restaurants and entertainment places, even luxury shopping…

Our goal is to make Gudauri known not only as a skiing destination, but a 4-season resort, which will attract even more people as week-end visitors and long-stay tourists during summer as well”, – said Maya Bichikashvili Chief Marketing Officer of Red-co.

Maya Bichikashvili also says that the resort can’t be successful without proper planning and appropriate infrastructure including hotels, restaurants, entertainment, recreational facilities and cultural programming. Bringing big names and international brands to Gudauri is a part of the company strategy. One of the turning factors in New Gudauri will be the opening of the first five-star Radisson Blu Gudauri Mountain Resort in 2019-2020 season.

Meanwhile new places are added to the resort every season to create enjoyable after ski experiences – Restaurants “MEATLOAF” and “Saperavi” offer live music and delicious Georgian and mixed European food.

Those, who want to test their luck in gambling, there is GUDAURI CASINO working until 4 am and offering bar and hookah lounge.

Red-co Spa Center offers tourists different procedures for removing stress. Guests can take a massage and different procedures. The spa center also includes a closed pool and a fully equipped fitness center.

New Gudauri welcomed the top designer fashion brand BOGNER’s latest sport collection in fabulously renovated store “Besplended” located in the building at Gondola square.

Overall, during 2012-2017, Red-co investment in New Gudauri reached 45 million dollars, which includes 5 completed projects and additional 5 currently buing constructed at this moment.

But this is only the beginning of the large-scale resort development project. New projects from “Red-co” are expected to begin this year in the southern part of the village with 8 additional mixed-use residential and hotel buildings.

Maia Demetrashvili