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New Direction of Tourism- Fashion-Tours Launched in Georgia

“Georgia starts working on Fashion-tours,” Tea Agladze, editor-in-chief of “Bomondi” talked at business morning and noted that fashion is no longer an entertainment industry and plays an important role as for the country’s economic growth,it also promotes tourism development.

”Tourist companies bring people interested in fashion to our country, who not only taste our wine, dishes and do sightseeing, they learn about fashion industry. A lot of people are interested in successful and amateur designers of Georgia. That’s why tours are planned, where all interesting designers are involved.

This direction helps them release their product, increases demand, promotes penetration on markets abroad and in addition promotes tourism in country,”-Tea Agladze notes.

According to her, this is still a new direction in the country and in case of a good marketing campaign, it’s possible to get more benefits in the future.