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Having fun in Cheaper Seaside Town in Georgia – Kobuleti

All coastal cities look alike at first sight, but in contrast to Batumi, Kobuleti is mainly visited by people, who want to have everything at hand: the sea, bungalows, hotels and entertainment places.

Let us see what the summer days are like in Kobuleti. Let’s go!

On the sandy beach

There is a quote that says –no matter how cloudy it is outside, you can always find tourists on Kobuleti sandy beach. The weather change does not mean much for the visitors.

Children bury themselves in the sand, then jump into waves and wash it off.

There are many café-bars, bungalows and restaurants at the seaside. Let’s stop by one in the open air, light and spacious, the way a seaside café is meant to be.

After swimming, sunbathing and cycling, it is time for a light alcohol cocktail, before you have your Adjarian Khachapuri, which you really need to try. Let’s have “Cuba Libre” and watch the boys preparing colorful cocktails for other guests.

t is better to forget all diets and welcome its Excellency – baked brown Adjarian Khachapuri. Down with all taboos, especially those we have created for ourselves.

Where to go?

When you get tired of swimming and basking in the sun, start looking for any other places near the town.

Not far from Kobuleti, in Tsikhisdziri village there is a VI-IX centuries, historical fortress town – Petra. Situated on a rocky outcrop beside the Black Sea shore, according to the Byzantine sources, it was built in times of the emperor Justinian (527-565). Petra was an important sea-trade center in Lazica. According to the local legends, the “Kajeti Fortress” mentioned in poem “The Knight in the Panther’s Skin” by Shota Rustaveli refers to the Petra Fortress. Nobody knows whether it is true or not. It is up to us to believe this beautiful folk-tale; we have nothing to lose.

You can climb up to the Fortress ruins, spread over the huge, rocky area and stay there for a while: observe green field and the azure sea, the view you will not see on the crowded beaches.

Kobuleti Wine House

Each little journey makes you feel a bit dizzy, but to get slightly drunk with Adjarian wine is completely different feeling. Ten minutes away from Kobuleti, there is the Agro Service Center Wine House in the village Gvara. They have the great variety of wines widespread in Georgia, which visitors can try on the place. There is a vineyard on the territory of the cellar and during the grape harvest time, tourists and other volunteers can take part in grape picking and wine making.

The Wine House hosts tourists every day and in case of pre-agreement, it is ready to meet guests at the weekends, as well. Sometimes they hold masterclasses in preparing Churchkhela and Georgian bread (Tonis or Shotis puri).

On such an impressive day, it is necessary to encourage yourself with a glass of wine, but be careful not to confuse: red wine is served with meat and white – with fish.

The whole country in one park

You might have already seen the whole Georgia, or the pleasant days may be yet to come. Anyway, a miniature park will make an amazing impression with its numerous small, historical buildings and monument miniatures. May be you have not seen Dadiani Palace or Chazhashi village in Svaneti. That’s okay, you can observe maquettes of the places you have not been yet and get around the whole Georgia in an hour.
“Tsitsinatela” – an amusement park for children and adults.

Not far from Kobuleti, there is an amusement park – “Tsitsinatela”. It is very crowded in the evenings. The children’s favorite place is also popular with adults, as together with slides and different carrousels, there are extremal attractions too. When it is getting dark, all the attractions, in the huge park, are illuminated with colored lights and the place turns into the magic castle, where everyone is happy; music is playing and the air is filled with ice-cream odor.

Reserve with swamp, water lilies and water birds

Is swamp associated only with unpleasant feelings and croaking frogs? You are wrong. In the Kobuleti State Reserve, one can find a unique, over-saturated ecosystem of the Ispani Marsh.

The Kolkheti National Park, The Kobuleti Protected Areas, Kintrishi, Mtirala and Machakhela National Parks are the places, which are going to enter the list of UNESCO’s World Natural Heritage.

Apart from the sea leisure, you can plan your eco tour near Kobuleti, in the Kintrishi and Mtirala National Reserves, where you will find endemic species of plants.

While strolling and enjoying wild nature in Mtirala and Kintrishi reserves, you can also try local food: Borano, Sinori and Iakhni. The latter is prepared only in Kobuleti; it is the boiled veal, seasoned by walnut and spices.

In the family restaurants of Kintrishi and Mtirala, you will also be served Achma and Baklava, which are definitely to be tried while visiting Adjara.

Kobuleti is not only the place for swimming and sunbathing. When you get tired of resting by the sea, take your back-pack and head for Mtirala and Kintrishi Reserves. Don’t deprive yourself of the pleasure, which will last for the rest of the year and, in the hustle of the city, will remind you of the pleasant days spent in wild nature.