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Giorgi Chogovadze on Tourism Sector Plans

Director of NTA, Giorgi Chogovadze has introduced a report on activity for 2016 and future plans by the LEPL “National Tourism Administration”.

The report provided the detailed tourism administration organizational structure, staff and budget, as well as activities directed to development of tourism infrastructure, improvement of service quality and marketing activities – maintenance of existent and mastering of new markets, also development of travel products and enlargement of international relations.

He introduced the concept “Development of Georgian Tourism for 2025” aiming at elaboration of the guideline to facilitate to tourism sustainable development, income increase and improvement of field importance.

The task of the Government is to develop and implement the plan converting the rich natural and cultural resources into the world tourist production and attracting higher solvent tourists from EU member states, North America, Near East and Asia. As of 2025, Georgia will be famous as the leading high quality touristic country for all the seasons dignified with its cultural and natural heritage, high level service and ancient tradition of hospitality. He spoke about ongoing and scheduled projects and answered the questions.

The Committee gave the positive estimation to the report and supported the initiative of MP, Giorgi Begadze to set up the working group to improve the law on tourism.