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Photo: Nika Tsiklauri

Georgia’s Most Visited Protected Areas

The number of visitors to the protected areas of Georgia increased by 24% compared to the same period of the previous year and reached 195 617. 55% of visitors are Georgian, 45% – foreigner.

The number of Georgian visitors has increased by 14% and the number of foreign visitors  by 38%.

Most visitors from international were from Germany, Poland, Emirates, Israel and Russia.

Top 5 most visited protected areas are:

• Prometheus Cave
• Tbilisi National Park
• Kazbegi National Park
• Martvili Canyon
• Sataplia

During 5 months the number of visitors has increased to the following areas:

• Machakhela National Park
• Tbilisi National Park
• Mtirala National Park
• Javakheti Protected Areas
• Martvili Canyon

The Agency of Protected Areas, together with the protection and development of unique biodiversity and ecosystems of protected areas, devotes significant attention to ecotourism infrastructure. Within the ecotourist activities, visitors to the Kazbegi National Park opened in May, where tourists will be able to get comprehensive information.