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Gorgeous Least Visited Sites of Georgia

There are attractions in Georgia that people don’t miss but the places we listed is a little bit less visited despite its beauty. Here you’ll find activities like birdwatching, boat trip or less know rock for climbing.

Shdgra Waterfall in Svaneti

Region: Svaneti

Svanetian towers and mountains attract numerous tourist during the year. Ushguli,the highest village in Europe and Mestia, town with historical towers are the most popular places to visit in the region. Although, not so far from there you get to see one of the largest waterfall in Georgia called Shdgra. Trail starts from the village Mazeri, path is well marked passing the fields and coniferous forest. The track is 7km long and takes around 3-4 hours to get there.

Birdwatching and boat trip in Kolkheti Valley

Region: Guria

Kolkheti National Park is by the seaside,port city Poti, which offers to check two things on your bucket list. It is possible to observe migratory birds, some of which are included in the Red Book From the surveillance tower. Visitors view the picturesque landscapes of the Paliastomi lake, the lake’s exquisite rugs, secondary wet meadows and the royal ferns. The most interesting part is a boat trip on Paliastomi lake and cater stroll on the river Pichori. The best time to visit Kolkheti National Park is early Spring and late Autumn.

Black Rocks Lake in Lagodekhi

Region: Kakheti

Black Rocks lake is a natural border between Georgia and Daghestan, Russian Federation. A visitor needs an identity card in order to register with border guards. Estimated duration of hiking is 3 days, covering 42km by horse. There’s a ‘’Meteo’’ ,camping zone to overnight. The views are breathtaking:Sprawling forest,Alazani Valley, Caucasian Mountains, small lakes along the trail, wetlands and Black Rocks Lake in the end. There’s a great chance to run into mammals like: deer, chamois and tuck, as well as various eagles in Alpine zone.

Jamjama Peak in Tana Valley

Region: Kartli

As name itself doesn’t sound Georgian the view is as epic and different. First sightseeing on the road is Ateni Sioni Cathedral built in VII-th century. Starting from there mobile signal is off and only rivers, around 40 oldest churches and mountains are surrounders. The natural wall in Tana Valley is the quiet extremal for climbing which reaches 60m width and 20m height. It has various levels for professionals or amateurs. The villages are interesting by its inhabitants as almost none of them are Georgians but Azeris. Levitana village is the final destination where the trail to Jamjama Peak begins which is about 7km long, taking you to the top of the mysterious hill where the peak looks like a crown.

An Extinct Volcano Abuli Fortress

Region: Javakheti

An extinct volcano creates interesting landscape,the volcanic cone has a decent shape due to its old age and great height. The dry-ground fortress is located near the village of Abuli. At its entrance, where old cargo and motorway road is joined, the quadrilateral graves are on the surface.The Abulis Fortress is grandiose and intricate, located on the southern slopes of the small Abuli mountain, at an altitude of 1670 m above sea level. The whole ridge is covered by the aviation, Most of the mountain is covered with alpine meadows.

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