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Georgia Ranks Second among Europe’s Most Rapidly Growing Tourism Countries 

The influential edition Bloomberg has published the UN World Tourism Organization report. According to the 2017 report, Georgia ranks second among the most rapidly growing tourism countries in Europe. The annual growth made up 27.9%.

The list is topped by the following countries:
1 San Marino – 31.1%
2 Georgia – 27.9%
3. Israel – 24.6%
4 Turkey – 24.14%
5 Iceland – 24.11%
6. Macedonia – 23.5%
7. Azerbaijan – 20%
8. Moldova – 19.6%
9. Bosnia and Herzegovina – 18.66%
10. Armenia – 18.65%
According to the Bloomberg reporter Nick Ekstein, Georgia has become an interesting destination for experienced toursists. 

“We should recognize that we did not expect similar upturn in Georgia, but deep analysis shows that there are due reasons for that. Culinary adventures are intensified in this county and Georgian cuisine acts as a catalyst for attracting tourists. Georgian traditional cuisine is the best reason to visit this untouched place of Europe”. 

According to the UNWTO 2017 report, Georgia ranked fourth among the world’s most rapidly growing tourism directions. The report includes data, research, tendencies and activities of various countries worldwide.

“This is not the first case when Georgia occupies the leading position in the UNWTO report. It should be noted that Georgia has occupied leading positions in various reports of the world’s various international organizations”, Giorgi Chogovadze, head of national tourism administration noted.