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Exclusive Wine Village by Schuchmann & Schuchmann Health and Leisure Center

New projects by the Schuchmann Group:

Exclusive Wine Village by Schuchmann

An exclusive wine village is set to open in April on the grounds of the Schuchmann Wines Georgia chateau in the village of Kisiskhevi in the Kakheti Region. It is a completely novel and unprecedented concept in the tourism real estate and wine tourism sector. The first phase of the project includes 10 villas, which will be ready to welcome guests by the start of the tourist season this year. The second phase, which will be completed by the year 2020, will see the addition of a further 14 villas. The exclusive villas will form an integral part of the existing 20-room hotel, and will be aimed at the higher price segment (USD 230-250 per night). They will offer a variety of exclusive services, and will boast an exclusive design with traditional Georgian elements. Construction will be carried out using 19th century Georgian materials, providing an exquisite and unique look both to the interior and the exterior. Up to 80% of the territory of the complex will be covered by vineyards. The company’s goal is to develop premium-class wine tourism.

Schuchmann Health and Leisure Centre

From 2020, the Schuchmann hotel complex in Kakheti will also be boasting wellness facilities in the shape of a health and leisure centre, where visitors will be offered special treatment programmes based on natural wine products. Patients will be able to enjoy natural products, feel the magical effect that wine can have on the body, breathe fresh air and enjoy stunning views over the Caucasus Mountains, all of which will contribute to a full recovery. Special packages will be sold at an average price of around $800 per person.