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Chirukhi-Khikhani-Goderdzi: New Tourism Route in Highland Adjara

A new tourism route is being marked in Adjara. Chirukhi-Khikhani-Goderdzi – this new route is being marked by the tourism products development agency of Adjara Tourism Department.

The new tourism route is located in Alpine zone and tourists are able to see picturesque lakes, waterfalls, castles, yailas – Zhinvali waterfall, Shratiani lake, Karagola lake, Tetrobi yaila, Khikhani Castle, Alpine botanical garden – this is a short list of tourism places, which are open for tourists. 

The tourism products development agency has organized info tour for guides and tourism agencies and the info tour participants have passed the route and seen sightseeings, tourism products and services along the route. 

“This is an entirely new Alpine tourism route that connects Shuakhevi and Khulo municipalities. This route creates an interesting and diverse direction of long travelling to highland Adjara. Our objective is to attract a lot of tourists to this direction with the aim to develop tourism potential of highland Adjara. The more tourists in the highland regions, the more local residents will be employed and the higher incomes will appear in our economy. This is a key priority of Adjara Tourism Department… This is a part of consecutive long-term policy, which is already bring results – number of visitors to Adjara highland has increased by 98%”, Sulkhan Ghlonti, head of Adjara Tourism Department, noted.