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Canadian Businessman to Build Cottages in Bakhmaro

Canadian businessman Vadim Malishev plans to build cottages in the resort of Bakhmaro.

Vadim Malishev says he wants to build a cottage-type homes in Bakhmaro, where families will host guests.

“All the cottages will represent the ethnicity of different regions of Georgia and hospitality. I hold negotiations with the Ministry of Economy about the possibility of buying real estate. The governor expressed the maximum support for starting and developing business, for which I’m grateful. It is important for me to offer Bakhmaro to visitors as a medical resort in the first place. ”

The businessman has already introduced his concept to Guria governor Merab Chanukvadze. At the meeting, the sides discussed the details that investor should take into consideration.

“If the state and investor’s interests match, I think we will get an attractive investment in Bakhmaro, which will contribute to the development of the resort,” said Merab Chanukvadze.