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Borjomi Presented Active Summer Concept

“Borjomi” continues brand development and responds to the active summer theme, offering more opportunities for active holiday and getting maximum delight from life.

That’s the concept of “Borjomi” for summer communication, which in turn united in the new design, web resources and various activities.

It is important that a new series of “Borjomi” summer packages are already on the shelves. The presentation of the active summer concept was held recently by the company “La Cote” at the Yacht Club located on the Tbilisi Sea.

The website www.active.borjomi.com was created within the project “Borjomi – Active Summer Taste”. As it was said at the presentation, the website is international and multifunctional, that operates in several languages. Any person will be able to get acquainted with the information about active entertainment. The page provides both global and local information sorted by country.

The goal of creating web resource is to promote active vacation location and activities, both among tourists and in local communities.

The “Borjomi” team has been working on the development of this direction for several months. The information about interesting locations in Georgia and active relaxation opportunities in the above mentioned areas was worked out with the National Tourism Agency of Georgia.

“The National Tourism Administration of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia actively works towards popularization of different regions of Georgia. That is why we have a wonderful project “Meet Georgia”, with the help of which our fellow citizens are able to get more information about Georgia’s, still, unknown and interesting places. I welcome the new initiative of “Borjomi” company. We need a new opportunity to make both local and foreign tourists’ vacarion interesting and active in our country, “said Giorgi Chogovadze, Head of Georgian National Tourism Administration.