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Best Western Opened Hotel in Sairme Resort

The new hotel “Best Western Sairme Resort” is ready to host you at 950 meters above sea level.

Balneological-climatic resort has very interesting history. The first sources about Sairme waters come  from the late 19th century. According to the legend two brothers –hunters who were pursuing the trail of a wounded deer found water that flowed over the stones red with oxide and everything around was white with salt. Deer often came here to drink the water. Iremi is the Georgian word for deer and that is why they called the spring Sairme (the place where deer live). The shepherds also paid attention to this place and found another unusual thing – about three KM away from the springs of the deer, the grass was always green at one place. Snow did not stick, and the land was getting dry in a few minutes after the rain. The secret of the “magic” field was found out in 20s when the geologists discovered hot mineral water in the depths of the land and that’s when began the history of this resort development.

Herein, you will find out why to choose Sairme resort for your unforgettable experience and what are the advantages of the new hotel “Best Western Sairme Resort” with 81 rooms which has received its first guests on June 17th.

First of, the location – subtropical belt mountain zone, rich with green cover, decent nature. The beautiful mountains, the deciduous-coniferous forest,  mountain river and the ecologically pure, wood exterior and combination of the highest standard makes incredible converge and creates a sense of uniqueness.

The main purpose of the hotel owner company was to implement a hotel project which first of all would be branded, correspond to modern tendencies and become favorite place for guests who visit this place for treatment and also for any age category.

The hotel really has a claim to meet your expactations. spacious, comfortable hotel with wonderful balcony rooms and outstanding views definitely promise interesting holiday. The hotel lounge will make you feel the environment much better with open terrace, cozy bar and fireplace, violin and royale tunes.

Especially noteworthy is the resort spa, located near the hotel. Where you can find wet and dry saunas, unique indoor and outdoor pools along with various types of procedural treatment rooms. The uniqueness of these pools is that they are filled with 41 degrees thermal water from the ground. These pools are unique not only by its water but also terrace related to the river, surrounded by mountains and muddy forest.

The Thermal spa was designed by German scientists, equipped with German techniques, all procedures are done with thermal waters, with the help of which you can get body relaxation and rehabilitation.

Within the facility you will find a salt room that has been added to the resort area for rehabilitation means and is best for respiratory and lungs cleansing.

The hotel management has not forgotten your amusement and entertainment either. The city of the ropes is truly a delight to the extremist, especially joyful for the team building.

You can also use the 800 meters long zip line . It has 2 lines and runs from the mountains in the park, which is unique in Europe and in south Caucasus region.

There is also a hotel shooting range for amateur and professional shooters. Here you find 6 places for 6 participants, which makes competition more extreme and even more interesting.

The hotel interior, location and its infrastructure will be truly an interesting discoveries for any guest. It is mostly designed for people who choose a healthy lifestyle, love discoveries, intact nature and active life.

The hotel is designed for medium segment and standard room price is 135$ including three meals. It should be noted that hotel kitchen use only ecologically clean food products, fruit and vegetables supplied from the local farmers in the nearby villages.

The hotel is managed by Sairme resort management team and 82 employees ensure comfort during your stay.

During the vacation, it is important not only the variety of the hotel service and amenities but also the environmental conditions which cost about 4 million GEL, and in total rehabilitation of Sairme resort – 10 million GEL.

It should be noted that after Best Western Kutaisi, it will be the second branded hotel in the Imereti region, which also has become a valued member of the Best Western Hotels & Resort international network.