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Batumi to Host Tourism Festival TOURISTER on March 31

Event Start Date: 31 Mar, 2019 - Event End Date: 31 Mar, 2019

On March 31 Batumi will host Tourister tourism festival.

The Festival, which is a joint project of Tourism Institute and Shindi marketing company, will be held on annual basis as a traditional event. Objective of Tourister is to outline challenges and opportunities in the tourism sector through studying and analysis of business practice, science, technologies, art, environment protection, marketing and cuisine.

The festival will be held on the territory of club Gate and Botanico. The festival comprises the following events: tourism forum, conversations about tourism, regional cuisine and exhibitions of startups. 

“We should talk a lot about current challenges in the tourism sector. It will be difficult to attain sustainable development without analysis of the existing problems and challenges in the field. Tourism Institute feels this vacuum very well and plans to replenish this gap through events like Tourister. 

Tourister festival will outline the current challenges in the sector. The forum includes panel discussions and experts will talk about specific challenges in the sector. The Forum will make focus on three key directions: 

1. Legislative regulations;
2. Tourism policy;
3. Climate changes and interaction with tourism development;
The forum will be continued with talks about tourism, where the field specialists discuss various issues such as marketing, culture, entrepreneurship, which directly or indirectly refer to tourism”, Tourism Institute founder Mamuka Berdzenishvili noted. 

Along with the Forum, tourism startups will be exposed at Botanico club. 

“Participants of the Startup exhibition will be able to find partners and establish relations with new business companies. Visitors will be able to receive information about companies from various fields, including high-tech solutions and alternative tourism products”, organizers of Tourister festival noted.

The best ideas will be also financed in the future by the initiative of Tourism Institute and with sponsorship of Tourister festival.

‘We have already achieved agreement with our sponsors for funding the best ideas. Through our website we have already announced a competition for collecting ideas. A certain bank of ideas will be organized and we will introduce them to business sector representatives. In case of interest we will organize their communication”, Mamuka Berdzenishvili said.

Promotion of Adjara cuisine will be one of the directions of Tourister Festival. Tourism Institute representatives believe that Adjara cuisine has much potential and this potential should be perceived and used valuably. Culinary products of Laz People and Adjara Region will be introduced at the Festival.