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Ajara Presented at Warsaw Tourism Exhibition

Ajara Tourism Department presented a region tourism potential on 24th Tourism Exhibition at “TT Warsaw”. The department was presented at the exhibition together with national tourism administration and tourism agencies.

During 3 days, the visitors who approached Georgian stand had an opportunity to get an information about touristic products and get a detailed information about different kind of tourism potential in Ajara.

Warsaw tourism exhibition is one of the largest in the world, where 1200 tourism agencies from 40 countries are involved. The representatives of tourism department organized many meetings with representatives of PR companies and aviation companies to plan a future collaboration. 

“To take part in this kind of exhibitions is one more opportunity to promote tourism in the region and establish business relations with different companies which are presented at the exhibition. In this year, the department took part in 16 tourism exhibitions. It was presented for the first time in Dubai, China, the South Korea and Japan. The amount of visitors coming from Poland is very high. In the current year, according to the 10 months data, 41 926 Polish citizens visited Georgia, which is 5.5 more than the date in the last year”-declared the head of Ajara tourism Deparment, Mamuka Berdzenishvili.