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Valeri Chekheria

Adjara Group: Hotel Business Cannot Be Advanced without Georgian Cuisine Development

In his interview with the Business Morning, Valeri Chekheria, director general of Adjara Group Hospitality, talks about importance of agriculture sector for hotel business.

-Mr. Valeri, how important do you think the agriculture sector is for tourism business?

-Hotel business is one of the major engines for state economy development in Georgia and economic statistics proves this. We have been recording year to year growth over the past 5-6 years in tourism sector. Consequently, we check the pulse scrupulously and develop this direction. Currently, our group owns four hotels and two ones will be added this year. In this statistics it is important what we can offer to our consumers. We should offer new products to draw as many tourists as possible. Hotel business cannot be developed without Georgian cuisine development. We should develop Georgian cuisine and make Georgian meals more modern. This field should serve Georgian tourism development. Therefore, this component is very important for us. We give preference to Georgian products and it is significant that all products  that we use at our restaurants and various food outlets be grown in Georgian agriculture sector.

-Does the menu indicate that Products are of Georgian origin?

-Naturally, we indicate farmers too, because our development is impossible without their popularization. Farmers Association provides much support in this respect. Our objective is to popularize Georgian products again. We also promote farmers’ popularity, because these people perform huge job. All these factors will enable us to attract more tourists.

-What do you think about perspectives of this direction so as it ensure stable prices, meet consumer requirements and naturally, attract more investors and guests to the country?

-First of all, we should have stable supply. Our companies, major hotels and networks are ready to pay more for the products to ensure proper supply of natural, top-quality Georgian products. Our Georgian customers have made  much advancement. They are very pretentious and active consumers of Georgian products. Therefore, the main thing is to identify what volume of products we need on this or that season.