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Dental Clinic ”Appledent” to Develop Medical Tourism

Dental Clinic Appledent plans to diversify business and chooses medical tourism as a new direction. The company’s manager opened a new, tourist company ”Appletravel”.The main purpose of Appletravel is to attract patients from abroad and provide them with high quality dental services.

We receive patients from Russia, as well as from Arab countries and Europe. We plan cognitive tours for patients,depending on their procedures and its duration. In case, short-term procedures,tours are held in Tbilisi and Mtskheta. In case treatment lasts longer, there is better selection of destinations like Kakheti and Imereti. -says executive director of Appledent, Nino chiburdanidze.

Nino Chiburdanidze believes this direction is in demand on the market and Georgia has good potential for development of medical tourism,as the clinics have modern equipment,use relevant technologies and tourists can get good medical care from qualified doctors.She hopes this business will work well enough,there to be need of building a hotel. Until hotel service will be available, Appletravel has co-partners in various restaurants and hotels which gives customer benefits.

Appledent is actively trying to establish contacts to develop a new direction. For this purpose, the company was presented at a medical tourism seminar held in Tbilisi, organized by the Turkish Healthcare Travel Council.  The event was hosted in B2B format,where Appletravel received an invitation from Turkish company, where they will be able to get acquainted with the company’s offers and share the experience of the Turkish company.