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Virtual Reality Helmet Makes You to Feel Like Travelling

Virtual Reality Helmet Makes You Feel Like Travelling throughout Georgia

The company “Vrex” created virtual reality helmet for the purpose of tourism increase in Georgia. Nika Rostomashvili, the director of the company talked about the plans he currently has at this stage.

This is the most effective tool, mobile device in order to submit the place to make a traveler interested in visiting the country.

Georgia is a unique country in terms of tourism development. Here exists everything a person might wish in such small country.

The main objective for the company “Vrex” is broadening awareness the beauty of Georgia out of the country’s borders. 

This very simple device can be surprisingly easily placed at any smartphone. As a result, the application will be turned on.

Due to the fact that the company uses only its finances for the project implementation, they could not make to cover all the places from Georgia. At this point they started from such places where the ski infrastructure is highly developed, however it is planned the other places to be added also in near future.

Georgia has a great potential to develop tourism and become one of the most famous throughout the world, however it is marketing till today is very weak and less effective. Nika Rostomashvili announces that the company members saw huge potential in this technology that turns the situation totally reversely in a positive way.